Barra Grande

Barra Grande: day and nighttime entertainment

Located on the northern tip of the Maraú Peninsula, Barra Grande is a former fishing village turned charming tourist village with lots of daytime – and above all nighttime – entertainment, but retaining its original features. At various handicraft shops in Barra Grande you can meet the local culture and buy souvenirs to take home. There are also some mini malls that offer the most varied stores.

During the day on the Barra Grande and Ponta do Mutá beaches several beach bars ensure your enjoyment, but Barra Grande offers special entertainment at night, when bars and restaurants fill with people. With a very good range of restaurants, you can experience various types of cuisine, from local Bahia to Italian, Japanese and even German.

By late afternoon, an event that happens every day attracts the attention of all the people who are in Barra Grande: the sunset! Observed at the Ponta do Mutá, its a unique, unforgettable spectacle!

After dinner, you can choose from the best nightlife options in one of several bars or beach clubs that exist in the village of Barra Grande and also in Ponta do Mutá, especially the Café de La Musique, a sensation every summer.