The Peninsula of Maraú

Maraú Peninsula, 40 km (25 mi) of semi deserted beaches and natural beauty, the third largest bay in Brazil and some of the best of Bahia Summer Parties

Maraú (from the indian word Mayrahú), means “Light of the Sun at Dawn”, which clearly conveys the poetic idea you get when strolling through this magical region. It is true that the light of dawn on the Maraú Peninsula is something very special. Also special is the orange color of the giant moon that rises on the horizon when it appears in its fullest phase, at nightfall. The moon rising on one the beaches on the coast of Maraú Peninsula is one of Nature’s greatest spectacle.

The peninsula’s natural beauty does not stop here. Among its 40 km of beaches, the highlights are the Hotel’s Cassange Beach, immense, beautiful and exclusive because of the small amount of housing; the Taipú de Fora Beach with its famous natural pools, where stunning corals and marine life can be seen during low tide, and the Algodões Beach, also with its own pools and a special charm in the afternoon.

Several freshwater ponds are also among some of the greatest natural attractions of the Maraú Peninsula, especially the Cassange and Blue Lagoons. Sand trails are an adventurous option, with emphasis on the Bromeliads Trail, where giant bromeliads can be seen over the treetops.

The Maraú Peninsula is bathed by the Camamu Bay, the third largest in Brazil and the most ecologically preserved. By schooner or speedboat, several semi deserted islands can be discovered: the Pedra Furada and Grande Islands, and the Sapinho Island, where you can sample, under the shade of large mango trees, various seafood snacks. And finally, nothing better than a boat ride to the Tremembé Waterfall, the only one in Brazil flowing directly into the sea, where boats came close to the falling water to cool off passengers.

Of course, natural beauty alone is not enough. The Maraú Peninsula has Nature yes, but also has life, parties and glamor. Currently, Maraú attracts many of the Brazilian elite from the main urban centers in the South and Southeast, who can find fun parties filled with the quality and refinement that they expect for New Year’s Eve. The New Year’s Party at the Tikal Beach Bar in the Algodões Beach, or the Feast at Cafe de la Musique in Barra Grande, are some of the options.

Veja aqui algumas das atrações paradisíacas que a Península reserva para você:

Barra Grande

A Vila de Barra Grande oferece várias opções de entretenimento

Taipu de Fora

Taipu de Fora, eleita pelo Guia 4 Rodas a terceira praia mais bonita do Brasil

Cassange Beach

A Praia do Cassange é aquela praia deserta e paradisíaca que você pensa que existe apenas em sonhos. Mas ela existe mesmo, fica na Península de Maraú, na Bahia, onde os sonhos podem tornar-se realidade…

Camamu Bay

Baía de Camamu, a terceira em tamanho mas a maior baía ecologicamente preservada do Brasil