Peninsula Beach Hotel

Peninsula Beach Hotel: beach front suites and bungalows …


All rooms at the Peninsula Beach Hotel face the sea, scarce meters from the sandy beach of Cassange, one of the most unique and beautiful in Bahia. Each has its own decoration and style, unique and unrepeatable, as you are.

Choose the category that best fits your profile. The Super Luxury Ocean Suite, with its wide spaces and an inviting balcony on the sea, or a Bungalow with its own private garden and exclusive access to the beach. An Ocean Suite on the top floor, with panoramic views of the sea, or the Garden Suite on the ground floor, with views and privileged access to our garden.
It’s your choice!

Come stay facing the sea and delight in a landscape that is hardly found in Bahia, Brazil or anywhere else in the world.

The Marau Peninsula has a special charm and the Cassange beach is one of the best places to feel it.

At the Peninsula Beach Hotel the beach is always at your disposal whenever you want. Perfect at low tide, is always ready for your morning or late afternoon walk, in the company of numerous palm trees and almost no other people because a beach like this is just for you, not for everyone …

But while here you can get lost in Nature and briefly forget about the world, you can reconnect at any time, via our free wi-fi system in all hotel premises, and remember that, after all, there is a world beyond the Marau Peninsula…

Garden Suite

Vista para o mar e para o jardim com a praia logo ali

Ocean Suite

Vista panorâmica para o mar

Ocean Super Luxury Suite

Elegância, conforto com espaço e vista panorâmica para o mar


Com jardim privativo e acesso exclusivo à praia