Taipu de Fora

Taipu de Fora and the famous natural pools

The Taipu de Fora beach is already well known in Brazil and abroad, and has received several glowing mentions in different national and international tourism publications. In Brazil, one of those publications was the “Guia 4 Rodas”, which elected Taipu de Fora as the 4th most beautiful beach in Brazil. In the foreign press, “The Guardian” also put Taipu de Fora among the 5 most beautiful in Brazil.

During low tide, coral reefs rich in marine fauna and flora become accessible, forming a huge natural pool, perfect for scuba diving or snorkeling. Various species of fish can be observed, with the guidance of diving schools operating on site, if wanted. One of the great attractions is the night dive that these companies organize during New Moon and especially on Full Moon, when it becomes a spectacle, such the beauty of the moon’s reflection on the natural pools.

Taipu de Fora is only 4 km (2,5 mi) from the Peninsula Beach Club Hotel, about 15 minutes by car or 40 minutes in a pleasant walk along the beach during low tide.